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I offer an entire spectrum of language services, starting with translation and extending to other specialist and creative services. If you're not sure how best to approach your translation, content creation or localisation project, just get in touch – I'd be happy to advise you and put a tailored proposal together.


Putting a German text into English isn't always easy, but extensive academic qualifications and years of experience mean I'm a safe pair of hands.

See my Specialisms page for fields where I have particular experience and expertise.


Proofreading means making sure your text says exactly what it should, how it should. It is vital that nothing in the source text is missing from the translation.

This involves going through a text with a fine-tooth comb to make sure there isn't a single spelling mistake or so much as a comma out of place.


Sometimes, simply translating a text won't do – and so nous, creativity and dexterity are required.

Perhaps the target culture has no equivalent concept and so further explanation is required. Maybe you need your marketing copy to land just right in a culture where humour has different rules. Transcreation might be the best way to achieve this.


Whether it's a punchy sales presentation for an exciting new product or content to pitch your business to a new client, striking the right tone is crucial. At the same time, you need your text to be packed with key info – and still be engaging and easy to read.

I produce texts that draw readers in and capture their attention.


Editing usually involves adapting or adjusting a text to make sure it serves its purpose and addresses its target audience effectively.

Maybe the first version was written by a non-native speaker, so it just doesn't sound right. Maybe it just needs a bit more bite. When I edit, I iron out the creases.


It might sound silly, but many big-name brands still forget it: what works in the US won't always work in the UK or Australia. 

I don't claim to be an expert on every English-speaking culture – but when it comes to the UK, I know how to adapt texts to land just right with a British audience.

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